Appropriate generator

Whatever purpose or application you have in mind, e-power can always offer you the appropriate generator.

Depending on your question, we can help you in different ways: custom, tailor-made solutions and flex.


Custom: Tailor-made solutions

Customization is our specialty. Our design team devises solutions that are completely focused on the application you have in mind. We determine together from A to Z which technologies and functionalities offer the best answer to your specific questions. So if you have a special request, do not hesitate to contact us!

Flex: Adjust existing generators

Have you found an answer to your question in our standard range, but do you have to take into account some preconditions? Then be sure to view our extensive list of options and accessories and our price list, which includes many variants of the popular range.

Special generators

Hybrid generators

We think along with green solutions for our environmentally conscious customers. Both emissions and noise are greatly reduced through combinations of Europower generators with batteries and alternative energy sources.

Reefer trailer generators

In close cooperation with our partner, we developed a qualitative solution for refrigerated container transport for, among other things, the pharmaceutical and food industries. Ease of use, reliability and noise level are the keywords!

Generators for lightning towers

E-power generators are also integrated into the growing market of lighting towers. These are often used at construction sites, car parks and events. In addition, lighting towers are also used for safety reasons.

Offshore generators

Extreme climatic conditions impose heavy demands on the generating sets that are used for the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms. The salt air, the transport, the weight limitations and the robustness of the generators determine the challenge for our design department.